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Video to DVD
Stop video degradation and preserve your family memories by transferring old videos to DVD!

Video to DVD Transfer
Form Video cassettes are not important but the special moments recorded onto the videos are invaluable! Through the past video has made many strides in improving quality in many different mediums. Eventually it becomes necessary to make an upgrade because the old video camera or VCR are no longer useful. Often videos are unfortunately left behind to decay and are lost forever. However, we take pride in transferring your precious memories to DVD for you to easily enjoyed again.

Review our information and once your ready we'll be glad to answer any additional questions. We love what we do and at Via-Vision Video "We Make Treasured Moments Last!"

Video to DVD Transfer
Preserve your home videos to DVD for only $15 per hour, per video per cassette.
Each DVD can record as much as 2 hours.
Once we have all your videos transfered to DVD it's as little as $15 per copy!
We'll provide everything which includes the DVD, label and album case.
An easy way to preserve and share all your memories with the entire family and for generations ahead!

Audio to CD Transfer
From audio cassettes to vinyl records we can transfer your precision audio memories to CD.
Only $15 per cassette side or per record album side.

VHS Videocassette $30 each*
Professional grade videocassette for use with a VCR. Each VHS video comes with a label and video sleeve.

Additional DVDs $15 each
Preserve your family memories for generations to come without degeneration.
Each DVD arrives with a label and DVD case.

Additional AUDIO CDs $15 each
Each CD comes with a label and jewel album case.

Additional Notes and Information
  • Each video must be numbered in the order of appearance.
  • We suggest numbering each video with a Post-It note.
  • Each video will be created as a chapter on the DVD menu along with a titled.
  • Each chapter will have subchapters so you can quickly skip ahead instead of fast-forwarding.

EXAMPLE: If you have 2 videos at 60 minutes each for a total of 2 hours we can place both videos onto 1 DVD. The initial transfer will cost 2 x $15 = $30 and additional copies of the same DVD is only $15.

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